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Young Men's Group, Boulder Co. Begins Mid-August

Every Other Monday 7-9:30pm 2825 Marine St, Suite 201 Boulder, Co 80302 Cost: $50 per session When? Starting in mid- August 09 Group is 3 sessions long and limited to 10 men. Jayson will help get the group rolling, then group takes over responsibility To sign up call...

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How To NOT Sabotage Your Goals

Being stuck and self-sabatoge has been a common report as of late from folks I work with. Stuck at work, stuck in life, stuck in not knowing what’s next, just plain stuck. Being stuck doesn’t feel so hot. Nor does the self-sabotage game. So here are two...

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The Power of Celebration

What is your relationship to fun, play, and celebration? I was never much on celebration. My old man taught me that you don’t celebrate until you are on the summit. I also learned that celebrating was bragging and bad, especially if you didn’t win. So, I...

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