The #1 Hidden Reason Men Pull Away and Lose Interest – SC 118


Why do men pull away when they get close? Then, some of them will come back, only to pull away again. WTF is going on here?

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Can It Work If My Partner Is 50% Into Personal Growth? – SC 117


If your partner is kind of into personal growth and you are fully into it, can the relatinship work? That’s what we explore on this week’s podcast.

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The Neuroscience & Power of Safe Relationships – Stephen W. Porges – SC 116


In this week’s podcast, the founder of the polyvagal theory explains the neuroscience of safe relationships and how to create them.

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How To Ask Your Partner For More Sex – SC 115


Got different sex drives? No problem. Don’t abandon your desire! Here are a few tips on how to ask for more sex in your marriage

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How to Feel More Connected – Ellen & Jayson – SC 114


SHOWNOTES This week, we have a question from a listener named Mandy on connection. Here’s her question… “Feeling connected. First of all, can we explore the meaning of that in depth? To me it’s hard to define and hard to ask for and hard to get though my partner really tries. It’s a feeling I…

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Shame In Your Relationship – SC 113


Feeling any shame in your relationship? If so, you are normal. But there’s power in learning how to use shame to your advantage in any partnership.

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How To Deal With Narcissism In A Relationship – Jeff Pincus and Rachel Cahn – SC 112


Are you dating, or married to, a narcissist? If so, how do you deal with narcissism in your relationship and what does all of this say about you? Two very experienced psychotherapists help you get to the root of what’s going on in this type of relationship dynamic and how to move forward.

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Stop Settling for Scraps in Your Relationship – SC 111


Why settle for scraps in your relationship and be with someone who doesn’t treat you with the utmost respect, even during the hardest of times? Well, there’s often one reason…Listen in as I challenge you to ask for more.

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