Radio Interview Relationship as a Path (downloadable mp3)

          Today I was interviewed by Jessie May for her radio show called “Sunny Side Up”. We had a great conversation and I could go on and on. A few key things I covered: 1. What is this relationship as a path stuff? 2. A personal example of my own issues…

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Who I Want to Work With

putting a call out for what I want

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Protected: Relationship as a Path Livestream Talk at the Integral Center

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Another Outstanding Quote on Being Human

at the end of the day, “sharing” who we are is where it’s at

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Taking Responsibility for my Part in a Fight

When we keep our statements about ourselves and make that a primary practice, we can get to what needs attention and healing on our side.

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The Most Effective Way To Deepen Your Relationships

The pain that catapulted me on to the spiritual path

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Relationship as a Path: Advanced Tools for the Relational Warrior

How serious are we about seeing relationship as a path? For serious practitioners, this event is a must.

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When I’m in A Fight With My Wife

the ongoing practice of individuation

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